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Updated: Oct 28, 2018


What data was compromised?

Customer data of this Hong Kong-based carrier and its subsidiary had been leaked to the outside world. The compromised data included passengers’ names, nationalities, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, passport numbers, identity card numbers, frequent flier program membership numbers, customer service remarks and travel history.  In addition, 403 expired credit card numbers were accessed. 27 credit card numbers with no CVV were accessed.

Things you can do:

1. Am I affected by this incident?

If you received an email from "infosecurity@cath*****.com" with subject "Important information about your personal data / 有關閣下個人資料的重要資訊", your personal data has been breached.

2. Assessing the impact

We see losing your identity (Passport number and ID number) to criminals poses the highest risk in this data breach, we suggest to make use of the airline provided 12 months ID monitoring service from airline's email or your own ID monitoring service to detect and notify you if there are any illegal activities associated with your personal data.

In case your ID monitoring service confirmed any unauthorized used of your identity, you shall reach out to the Hong Kong Police Force and seek for their assistant.

3. Check your previous credit card statements

This cybersecurity incident was reported to the public after 7 months, so check your credit card statements for the latest 8 months. Contact the bank immediately for any unauthorized transactions.

4. Consider cancelling your credit card 

Cancel the registered credit card and issue a new one from the bank, or else you may have to keep an eye on future credit card statement and credit reports until the card expired. 

5. Have your email accounts been hacked?

Visit to check if your email accounts have been compromised.  Any sign of compromised results from the hacked email, change your passwords or enable two factor authentication (2FA) on those accounts. If you re-use the same passwords on elsewhere, you have to change them as well.


Our expertise are there to help you:

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