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Managed Security Service for Global Payment Gateway Client

Global Payment Gateway Client  - Achieving PCI Level 1 Compliance

Global payment gateway major focus cross boarder B2B and B2C.  The client handles sensitive financial data every day - serving the Banks, FX and Remittance Companies. They provide API realtime platform to transfer money electronically, give users centralized platform to manage the instruction with fast processing time.


The challenge was to have the right a security solution in complying PCI DSS level 1 and to establish the best security practices year over year. Their market research led them to Nearby, which provided a PCI compliant SoC service with an intrusion detection system (IDS) and Security Information Event Management (SIEM) to meet client’s security and compliance needs.


Nearby consultant and architect have designed, customized and deployed the IDS and SIEM solution for The Global Payment Gateway Client. Our compliance reports and proactive monitoring have helped our client to reduce the overhead, time and operation cost  in setting up their own SOC team.

The Future

The client returned with very positive comment on our Managed SOC, and had invited our consulting team to further assess other areas for continuous improvement on their Cybersecurity.  

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